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Located within Prince William Sound, Ellamar is approximately 22 miles from Valdez by boat, 60 miles from Whittier, 48 miles from Cordova, and 12 miles from the majestic beauty of Columbia Glacier.  Less than an hour’s flying time from Anchorage, Ellamar is nestled in protected Virgin Bay. Steeped in history, Ellamar was home to a copper and gold mine at the turn of the century.  Later, a cannery operated there.  Ellamar’s history is visible in some of the structures and machinery still standing.

Aerial View of Ellamar

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Legal Statement: You should obtain and read the HUD Property Report for Ellamar Subdivision required by federal law and prepared and issued by Ellamar Properties, Inc., the developer of Ellamar Subdivision, prior to signing a contract or agreement to buy a lot in this subdivision.  You can obtain a copy by calling 907-952-3353.  No Federal agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of this property.